Reconditioned G2/G3 Accessory Beeper

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Product Description
The G2/G3 Compatible Accessory Beeper can be used alone or added as an accessory to any G2 or G3 Field and Pro Series systems. As an accessory beeper it can be turned on/off remotely from your Field or Pro G2 or G3 transmitter by turning the rotary dial to the "A" position and depressing the transmitter button. Powered with a 9 volt battery, included.

  • Range & Point and Point Only Modes
  • Low and High Volume
  • Four Run Tones: single, double, and triple beep; also tracking tone
  • Two Point Tones: single tone and Hawk Scream
  • Beeper position is adjustable � unit fits both larger and smaller breeds

    6 Month Warranty, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.