Matching Tri-Tronics “S” and “XLS” Components




· Components should be fully charged.

· Set the transmitter intensity dial to a number, not a letter.

· Turn collar on, let collar blink a few times, turn collar off.

· Plug charger into wall.


Synchronization Process:  These steps must be done quickly.  Collar must beep three times, one right after the other. 


· Plug charger end into collar - BEEP

· Press down the collar turn on button - BEEP

· Press continuous transmitter button – BEEP


To confirm the collar took the programming, unplug collar from charger, turn collar on, press continuous transmitter button and the collar light should glow solid. 


If the collar did not take the programming, repeat the entire process.  Do not delay between beeps, the beeps should be as quick as 1, 2, 3.


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