Repair fee for Tri-Tronics Field and Pro Pre G2/G3 3 dog trainer

Product Description
Flat rate repair fee. Collar Clinic's flat rate repair fee for the TriTronics long range remotes including the Field 70, Classic 70, Flyway, Upland Special, Beagler, Trashbreaker Ultra 3 dog system pre G2/G3 series. Repairs are completed in 3 business days from the time payment is received. 6 month warranty. Repair of a "S" series is an additional $35.00. "S" series collars have and on/off button on the collar.

Collar Clinic
1517 Northern Star Drive
Traverse City, MI 49696
Printable Service Request Form It is important to send in all components essential to your trainers operation. The charger, antennas, plugs, etc., will be checked for proper operation and repaired whenever possible. If an accessory is damaged beyond repair, you will be notified before your trainer is due to be shipped back. At your option, a replacement may be purchased at this time. Include a note, with your name, address and daytime phone number. Your check , money order or credit card number is safest inside the box, not taped to the outside. Whenever possible, ship your trainer in its foam-lined carrying case. Put the carrying case inside a cardboard box for protection. Use packing tape to seal it. Insure your package.