Tri-Tronics Manuals

Tri-Tronics G3 Owners Manual includes Sport G3's, Field and Pro G3 models

Guide for Adding Collars on G2-EXP & G3

TriTronics Sport Junior includes Basic Training
Sport G3 Series Bark Limiter xs
G2 EXP Expandable Trainers Basic Training With an Electronic Collar
G2 Sport Series Manual Bark Limiter
G2 Field and Pro Series Manual G2 Pro Control
Classic 70 S and Pro XLS Manual Pro Control RL
Matching Instructions for S and XLS components
Field and Pro Manual G2 Accessory Beeper
Original Sport Series Manual Accessory Beeper
Sport Series S Manual Vicebreaker H1
Companion Vicebreaker H2

Garmin Manuals

Delta Delta Sport
Delta Upland Astro 320 with T5
Astro 220  
Astro 320 with DC50 Bark Limiter
Alpha 100 Bark Limiter Deluxe
Alpha 100 Quick StartGarmin Alpha Troubleshooting
Dog Training Videos by GarminAlpha Tutorial Videos Your best Alpha Learning Option!


D.T.Systems Manuals

700DT Manual 190DT
500DT Manual SPT Super Pro Trainer
EDT Manual Super Pro Launcher
BTB 800 Beeper Manual SPT Super Pro Trainer 7300 & 7800 with beeper
ST 300 Pro Manual ST Pro Manual
Micro IDT Z3000 EZT Series
H20 Plus Manual EZT Plus 5000 Series (beeper)

Dogtra Manuals

Dogtra 175NCP Dogtra 2000
Dogtra 200NCP Gold Dogtra 2000 T & B
Dogtra 1100NC Dogtra YS-100
Dogtra 1200 Dogtra YS-200
Dogtra 1800 Dogtra YS-500
Dogtra 2200 NCP Manual YS-300
Dogtra 1900NCP Dogtra 2500 T & B
Dogtra 2300NCP Dogtra 280NCP
Dogtra 1700NCP Dogtra SureStim 7000M
Dogtra 1600NCP Dogtra SureStim 7100H
Dogtra 3500NCP Dogtra Element 300M
Dogtra iQ Dogtra SureStim Series Plus
Dogtra Edge Dogtra Code Setting Guide

E-collar Technologies Educator Collar Manuals

ET-500 ET-1200
ET-700 BL-100
ET-800 ET-300TSET-300TS Set Up Video