Reconditioned Garmin DC 40 Collar

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Product Description
The DC 40 is mounted on a durable one-inch orange polyurethane coated collar strap, owners can combine the DC 40 with most standard e-collar receivers � eliminating the need to put two separate collars on a dog. LED charging light on the collar has been reconfigured to flash while charging, and glow solid when fully charged. Attach Collar and Go When teamed up with the Astro� 220 or Astro 320, this system will have you hunting in no time. The DC 40, in combination with the Astro 220 or 320 pinpoints your dog�s position every 5 seconds. An innovative charging connection with a flashing LED-charging indicator lets you know when the battery is ready to go. You can extend the battery life of the DC 40 by changing the position transmit rate from 5 to 10, 30, or 120 seconds, enabling the DC 40 to work up to 17-48 hours in the field on one charge. The DC 40 has those updates and it also has a 2 minute (120 seconds) option. This longer update rate is designed for the dog owner that wants the longest possible battery life (48 hours) and is willing to sacrifice location detail to get it.

You will know if your dog is pointing, sitting, moving or treeing. Where your dog is. Where it�s been. How fast it�s moving and how far it�s gone.

6 month Collar Clinic warranty.