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Uninterrupted Training with High-Quality Batteries

The key to effective dog training is consistency, and nothing disrupts a session like a failing battery. That's why our selection focuses on long-lasting, high-quality batteries. These batteries ensure that your training collars and devices run efficiently, providing uninterrupted training sessions and a constant connection with your dog, whether in a backyard or a remote training field.

Tailored for Your Training Equipment

Compatibility is vital. Our batteries are tailored to fit a wide selection of dog training collars and devices. We offer specific types for different models, ensuring that each trainer finds the right battery for their equipment. This specificity not only guarantees compatibility but also optimizes the performance of your training devices.

Investing in Reliability

Choosing the right battery is an investment in your dog's training and safety. Reliable batteries mean reliable training sessions, where the focus remains on the task at hand - training your dog. At Collar Clinic, our batteries are tested for durability and performance, ensuring they meet the high demands of dog training.

We sell our batteries with a 30 day money back guarantee. If installing new batteries does not fix your training collar, you can return the battery for credit towards the repair service fee or a purchase with trade in. Send the complete remote trainer with the old batteries and the new batteries to Collar Clinic within 30 days. Enclose a note or your invoice from the battery purchase and request a repair with battery credit or battery credit and a trade evaluation. We will give your credit for the battery purchase (excluding shipping) off the flat rate repair fee or credit the purchase and offer a trade credit on a purchase.

Collar Clinic also stocks batteries for Wildlife Materials, Tracker and Garmin tracking equipment.

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