Getting Started With Your Dogtra Training Collar


Before implementing any stimulation with the electronic collar, your dog must know some very basic obedience commands. A dog learns by first being shown a command, followed by lots of repetition over an extended period of time. As the dog becomes proficient with these commands, the trainer can introduce distractions and different locations to strengthen the dog. Then, throw in the correct amount of positive and negative reinforcement and you should end up with a well- mannered dog.

Obedience Training On the Leash
Your dog must fully understand the obedience commands (sit, stay, here, heel, and kennel) before using the e-collar for reinforcement of these commands. A metal training collar also know as the choke chain or pinch collar may be used to implement the negative reinforcement on the leash. A sharp jerk with the chain and leash reinforces the command such as SIT, STAY, HERE, HEEL, OR KENNEL. When the dog compiles with the command, use praise also known as positive reinforcement.

Beginning Electric Collar Training
When you feel your dog understands the obedience commands on the leash we can now start with the electric collar training. With the dog on the leash wearing the electric collar continue with your obedience drills. Light stimulation (nick or constant) is going to be applied as a command is given, the stimulation is removed as the dog compiles. Through repetition, a dog learns to turn off the stimulation by performing the command. Electric collar training is another form of negative reinforcement similar to the leash and metal collar training. When the dog compiles with the command, we use praise/positive reinforcement. The final step is the avoidance phase in which the dog learns that he can avoid the stimulation altogether by performing your commands. When these training procedures are complete, the electric collar is used as a reminder when the dog does not comply with your commands at home or in the field. Keep you initial training sessions short and positive. Dogs have a short attention span, especially young dogs.

How much Stimulation To use
Always start with low levels of stimulation and work your way up depending on the personality of your dog and any given situation. By using only enough stimulation to get your point across, you will have a more controllable environment and a dog that is under less stress. Animals (and humans) perform better in a less stressful environment.



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