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Reconditioned Beagler First Edition
    Reconditioned Beagler First Edition
    Purchase Reconditioned Beagler First Edition
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      Reconditioned Beagler First Edition

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    The Beagler is a small collar with 1/2 mile range made specially for beagles. The Beagler is the economical, easy-to use tool for keeping a beagle off unwanted game, and for getting him to come in when called. The Beagler has three preset levels of momentary stimulation - low, medium, and high from the transmitter. You can lower the three levels of stimulation by purchasing the optional variable intensity contact points. The highest level contact point is provided since most users will find it most effective for trashbreaking.

    6 month Collar Clinic warranty - 30 day money-back guarantee
    Usually ships in 2-3 business days, Reconditioned trainers are rebuilt to order.