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Unleashed Technology GT-3
    Unleashed Technology GT-3
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      Unleashed Technology GT-3

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    Unleashed Technology GT-3

    Gentle remote dog training system featuring adjustable vibration. 15 levels of quick vibration and controlled vibration. 2nd button - 15 levels quick on/off vibration followed by e-stimulation, 3rd button - 15 levels quick on-off e-stimulation warning followed by controlled e-stimulation if needed.

    Unleashed Technology GT-3 three-button model designed for active, stubborn and sensitive dogs, This model offers three distinctive training options so you gear it to your dog's drive, distraction and temperment.

  • Exclusive 15 levels of adjustable vibration - cell phone vibration +more
  • Unique on-off alert system before controlled vibration or e-stimulation continues
  • Trains dogs at distances from two feet to 1/2 mile
  • Waterproof transmitter and receiver
  • Rechargeable and replaceable NiMH batteries included
  • Low battery LED Quickly and gently train your dog with two training options with 15 levels righ at your fingertips. Ergonomic control fits well in your hand. Develop higher skills for basic commands "heel", "come", "sit", "down" or stop nuisance barking.
  • 30 day money back guarantee. 1 year mfg. full warranty, 2nd year no labor charge. Made in USA.

    Unleashed Technology Guidance Trainer Product Guide

    Unleashed Technology Training Manual

    "The Look Command" Unleashed Technology Non Aversive Wireless Leash

    Customer Review: If I were to say the GT-3 was magic, that might not be praise enough. Our Golden Retriever is "deer crazy". Today, our first day with the GT-3 "live," we made huge strides in breaking that habit. Our usual walk consists of Joy walking with us and obeying commands until she scents a deer and then she's off like a bullet until she decides to triumphantly return. Today, when she'd take off, we'd give her a vibration followed by an "e-correction" and she returned every time. It took very little time for her to be much more engaged and attentive. Thanks Unleashed for making such a great product right here in the U.S. and thanks Collar Clinic for your great advice and customer service. Mike Jacksonville, OR

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