Dogtra IQ CliQ Pet Trainer

Product Description
New combination e-collar and clicker trainer for pet dogs.

The iQ CLiQ combines tools used by professional dog trainers in a compact handheld transmitter that fits comfortably in your pocket, or around your neck with a lanyard. Our collars are made to fit a variety of neck sizes comfortably and can be cut down to size. They also come in a variety of colors for complete customizability while housing our fully waterproof receiver with technology professionals trainers depend on.

  • Simple and effective training tool to shape your dog's basic obedience
  • Allows you to use both negative and positive reinforcement that may curve your dog's learning ability.
  • Waterproof collar
  • Up to 100 yards range
  • Distinct and Consistent Click
  • Pulsating Nick Stimulation
  • Pet friendly Plastic Contact Points

    Expandable to a 2 dog system

    Operates on 2 coin lithium batteries.

    Available in Black July 10th 2013, Pink, Blue and Purple color options availabe soon.