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Lovett's Adjustable Volume VLT Beeper
    Lovett's Adjustable Volume VLT Beeper
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      Lovett's Adjustable Volume VLT Beeper

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    The model VLT beeper is unlike any other Lovett's Electronics has ever produced. First of all, unlike our normal beeper, it operates on AC (alternating current) while our normal beepers operate on DC (Direct Current). The use of AC allows you the user to adjust frequency and volume while as the DC beeper is a fixed frequency and volume. This feature then allows the user to pick the desired frequency (pitch) and volume from 900 hertz to 1400 hertz and everything in between. We've also implemented magnetic on/off switch and included the magnetic programming key. All features included were designed especially for the "hard of hearing hunter" and the "tone deaf hunter" Here we have sample sounds (all are at maximum volume and are actual VLT point beeps.)

    The letters VLT stand for very low tone. This beeper collar operates from 900 hertz to 1400 hertz. We ship them set at maximum volume and at the lowest frequency setting. If you want or need a different sound remove the battery cover and battery and make adjustments using a small screwdriver. Since the pots are under the battery you should start by making frequency adjustments a little at a time (about an 1\\8 of a turn, then reinstall the battery and go through the modes. You should be able to find the frequency that�s right for your ears. After you find the frequency, volume, and mode you need, the unit can be turned off and when you turn it back on it will be on the same mode you had it on (as long as the battery has not been removed prior to turning the unit back on.)

    TO TURN ON: Use the end of the supplied magnet and hold it against the ON sticker. It will chirp and cycle through the four modes for as long as you hold it there. One chirp is regular point only, two chirps is dual mode regular, three chirps is grouse point only and four chirps is dual mode grouse. When you hear the desired number of chirps, move the magnet away.TO TURN OFF: Hold the end of the magnet against the OFF sticker for a second until a short chirp is heard.>p>Mode 1: Regular, Point-Only Beeps every other second after 8 sec. motionless.

    Mode 2: Regular, Point & Run As above when pointing, double-beep every 8 sec. when running.

    Mode 3: Grouse, Point-Only Beeps every other second after 4 sec. motionless.

    Mode 4: Grouse, Point & Run As above when pointing, double-beep every 4 sec. when running.

    VLT Features

    4 Operating modes

  • Adjustable speaker frequency of 900 hertz to 1400 hertz
  • Adjustable volume
  • Magnet on/off switch
  • Top-mounted speaker
  • Speaker wiring embedded in the collar
  • operates on 9 volt alkaline battery (not included)
  • Made in the U.S.A

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